What the world needs right now is inner peace, and classical music is an excellent way to discover and cultivate that state. Throughout all ages, composers have been inspired to produce works of art that invite people to choose love, joy, compassion, consolation, and inner peace. Although all music can emanate either from the ego or from Love, people have a distinct ability to tell them apart. Even today, listening to peaceful classical music is considered to be therapeutic or healing. Many healing musical gems exist that are just waiting to be discovered. This site aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to healing classical music. These composers and their works can truly be called heralds of peace.

This site basically contains three lists: two reasonably objective lists of (western world) composers and their classical works respectively, each ranked by fame; plus a personal third list which ranks western classical works according to their healing quality. As a bonus, a fourth list is added that lists 20 composers that I think have been sorely underrated. You are cordially invited to explore all lists. Many list items contain links to Wikipedia pages and other external sites. The lists span a millennium, from the year 1000 up to the present day. The lists use a categorization of genres and classical eras as follows:


  • Ballet
  • Chamber (up to 8 musicians)
  • Choral (at least 5 vocalists)
  • Concerto (concertante)
  • Opera
  • Organ
  • Piano (or harpsichord)
  • Symphonic (at least 9 musicians)
  • Vocal (at most 4 vocalists)
  • Soundtrack


  • Medieval (500 – 1500 A.D.)
  • Early Renaissance (1500 – 1600)
  • Late Renaissance (1600 – 1650)
  • Early Baroque (1650 – 1700)
  • Late Baroque (1700 – 1760)
  • Classical (1760 – 1810)
  • Early Romantic (1810 – 1860)
  • Late Romantic (1860 – 1910)
  • Modernism (1910 – 1970)
  • Minimalism (1970 – now)
  • 20th/21st century (1950 – now)